Monday, February 6, 2017

Hygge at Home

Recently, I learned about an interesting Danish concept called hygge (pronounced "hoo-gah"). I had visited Denmark in 2010 (one of my favourite trips!) but this was the first time that I've heard of this unique part of Danish culture.

Taken in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2010.
The Oxford Dictionaries define hygge as:
"A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture)."

Photo credit: Internet
I'm a sucker for cute book covers so this book had me at the teapot and teacups.
You can learn more about The Art of Danish Hygge here.

This past weekend, I practiced some hygge at home to help combat the winter doldrums.
Cozy blanket? Check!
Mug of tea? Check!

 This charming book (pun intended!) was recommended by another blogger.
You can learn How to Hygge Your Reading Life here.

I miraculously stayed spoiler-free of the sixth season of Game of Thrones and binge watched the episodes with glee (sorry, Fitbit!).

You can't get more hygge than enjoying a cup of tea with a chocolate scone by the fire.

Do you practice the art of hygge?

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. Hi Margie, I have heard about hygge, but only associated it with being cozy and comfortable. I wasn't aware that there is a deeper concept behind it or even a life style. You made me curious to find out a little more about that.
    I think that taking the time to stop and drink a cup of tea together with a small and sweet treat to eat is fitting for sure into this concept. And I believe that this is one reason why so many people enjoy it so much!
    Warm regards,

  2. I've seen quite a bit about hygge over blogs, it's a lovely, cosy concept xx

  3. I've heard about hygge and am practicing it today - tea, chocolate, sewing, all while watching the snow fall outside. I did go out for a long walk in the snow. Your tea and treat look so yummy.

  4. I loved The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper. Not heard of hygge, but it seems I can follow it today and any day.

  5. I did heard about hygge before, though I never practiced... :)..

    The teapot is so beautiful..

  6. Well this is a new word for me but I can definitely say I practice the Canadian version. Good post Margie, I like learning something new!

  7. This is a new word for me too, Margie. I guess you could say that I too practice hygge although I never knew there was a word to described it. Interesting post and I LOVE your script-tea teapot; very cute!


  8. I've been reading about hygge and the Dallas Morning News had an article about it recently. I DO practice hygge...candles, bubble baths, tea (of course), and comfort foods. I sure wish I could join you by your cozy fire, and share a chocolate scone and a cup of tea. I love your scripted teapot and your tea mug. Was the book a good one? You and my son, Mike, would love discussing Game of Thrones. Mike drinks tea all day, too! I think the world needs to practice hygge!

  9. I've been practicing hygge my whole life! Just didn't know what it was called! I was born to hygge!! haha

  10. Haha! I love Deborah's comment! I do it but didn't know that word. A hot cup of something warm is so comforting! Lovely teapot!

  11. How relaxing! I'm so envious, it looks like the ultimate relaxation lol.

  12. Dear Margie:
    I got behind in moving reading Laura Child's tea murder mysteries. I promised her I would catch up. For me, the hardest part is just getting going but getting over a cold and it being cold outside - I am 1/2 of the way through "Steeped In Evil" which I think is like her 14th tea murder mystery. I only read them in succession so I have 3 more after this to catch up! Whew! Thanks for linking and sharing!

  13. Margie, I'm all about hygge! (Even though I never heard the word until it became all the rage!) Tea and scones and comfort food and all manner of coziness is what I'm all about at home. Your cozy photos drew me right into the scene.

  14. Silly me, here I have been celebrating Hygge for years and never even knew it. With being on oxygen my candles are flame less, great idea. I never heard of this until now. I think most of us may call it afternoon tea, bible study and fun. Now I have a new word for having tea and quiet time. Great post.

  15. The tea and scones look delicious. I smiled at your apology to your Fitbit. One of my family members has a Garmin watch which tells her to "move" whenever she sits too long. Sometimes it's kind of funny when she's put in 15 miles running in one day, then tries to rest a bit and it tells her to move! Those watches can really be slave-drivers!

  16. My Goodness Margie this is such a wonderful hygge :) Dear, I'm all about hygge (a new word for me). You know, I've been practicing hygge my whole life! I guesd I was born to hygge!! hahaha...Have a great weekend ahead :)

  17. Margie, The tea setting is lovely. I love the subtle script on the tea pot. I really enjoyed the video on hygge. Always can learn something new. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  18. I do, I most mornings make a tea tray especially for my self... and some evenings... I also keep a throw blanket near by in the living room when it is too chilly... cute little post nice to learn new things hope all is well Happy weekend with love Janice

  19. I'm liking hygge as well this season, the winter the quite short here and we must be cozy while we still can :-)

  20. I have heard quite a bit about hygge in the last few years. I have a book on my list "The Book of Hyggee" by Louisa Thomsen Brits that I have yet to check out. I'm going to add your suggested reading as well. I think this is something I am ready for (if not already practicing!). I couldn't get into Game of Thrones - I tried reading the book, but got bogged down in all the characters and never finished it. I've been binging on "The Killing" a murder mystery series on Netflix. Season 1 was great, but they still have not solved the crime! Enjoy your special treats Margie :)

  21. I've never heard about hygge, so I rushed to your link. I definitely haven't done enough relaxing lately, maybe that is something that I should work on...Your post may be a timely intervention. (Although right now I'm sitting under a cozy blanket watching DreamWorks Dragons (only slightly childish!) on Netflix with Sleepytime tea and your blog, so maybe that counts?


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