Monday, February 20, 2017

The Heart Wants What It Wants

Tea at the White House in Waterdown was one of the first tea rooms where I enjoyed afternoon tea.

This quaint tea room offered both indoor and outdoor seating. 

Unfortunately, the sale of the "white house" a few years ago forced the tea room operators to shut down their popular tea room. While the owners searched for a new venue for their tea room, they continued selling their teas through their online store and holiday pop-up shops.

During last weekend's snowstorm, I visited the Tea at the White House Valentine Pop-up Shop.  I fell off my tea wagon (47 days without new tea purchases!) and brought home a tin of Chocolate Raspberry Rendezvous black tea... well as these yummy heart-shaped scones. 
I've always loved the scones served at Tea at the White House.

We celebrated Valetine's Day at the office with the first tea social of 2017.
We sipped the tasty chocolate raspberry rendezvous black tea from my heart cups and saucers.

Some of the savories and sweets brought in by my co-workers. 
Not pictured: veggies, cinnamon bread, strudel.

This Black Tea Rose candle by Bath and Body Works was a Valentine gift from my mom.

I was stalking this small pink with red heart teapot on Indigo's online store for weeks.
The teapot FINALLY went on sale (50% off!!!) so I rushed to the store over the weekend and used my gift card and Plum rewards special bonus to make it mine.

You got me sippin' on something...

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. You always put a smile on my face when you talk about getting on or off the tea wagon!! Margie, what a beautiful tea social you had a work! My heart is going pitter patter over your new teapot and the tea flavor and the candle that your mom bought you! Happy sippin'!

  2. Love your new teapot, Margie, and isn't it splendid when tea things are found at a bargain? The tea social at work must have been lovely. I love those heart teacups and saucers! The new raspberry tea sounds yummy! Thanks for another trip down Memory Lane. Tea at the White House; what fun!


  3. Hi Margie, how sad that the owners of the White House Tea Room had to close their operation because the property was sold. Therefore I am happy that you supported them by buying tea and scones from them.
    Your heart shaped tea cups are quite unique, never seen anything like this!
    Enjoy your tea, but I have no doubt that you do ;-)!
    Warm regards,

  4. Aha! Busted for buying more tea and a new teapot. lol The chocolate raspberry tea sounds yummy and lots of treats turned up for the social. A sweet teapot, good for you to hang in there Margie.

  5. You crack me up! So are we counting from Tuesday now? If you're looking for a sponsor I don't think I could help you with your addiction for all things tea-related. I'd be right there with ya! I don't remember the White House tea room, and I lived right there beside Waterdown for years. I'm going to visit their online shop after this comment though. Love your heart-shaped tea cups, so cute! And I can see why you didn't stop there and scooped up the pink teapot. Another matchmaker pairing ;)

  6. Such a fun post filled with delightful photos. I bet the tea is delicious and those scones look so good! Glad you got a great deal on the teapot with the heart.

  7. Wow, the tea and the scones look delicious. Love the heart-shaped tea cups & it's saucer, sounds like a delightful teatime with your co-workers. Congrats for owning that Heart-shaped teapot. It's a wonderful feeling, I know, likewise, I have been stalking a certain teacup too for some months before it finally went on sale. Enjoy your tea from your mom.

  8. Your office tea times look like so much fun. The heart teacups are great! You picked up some delicious sounding tea and scones at the pop up shop. It's fun to treat yourself once in awhile, isn't it?

  9. Dear Margie:
    Thanks for sharing about this tea room, new tea and that darling teapot! Looks like the office tea time continues to be loved!

  10. The little tea pot is perfect! It's fun to have a few things with hearts on them out all year long! Hugs, Diane

  11. Sounds like you've been enjoying a tea-full February. Loved seeing your recent acquisitions!

  12. Hi Margie, so much tea going on over there, how fun! Your teacups and pots are great, especially the heart shaped cups! Thanks so much for your recent visit and comment.
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Never have I imagined there is a heart shaped tea cup. So cute.

  14. Sweet heart teapot and teacups. I love the fact that you have tea time at work,. Inthink its wonderful .. happy weekend margie with love Jnaice

  15. Hi Margie! Every time I see the heart teacup set I'm impressed...colorful and cool! Sounds like you got on a deal on a new teapot to go with the set. Now I seriously want to make heart shaped scones. I have a recipe that will keep its shape with a cookie cutter...


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