Monday, June 26, 2017

Canada 150

This year, Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday.

White teacup by Aynsley
  Of course, my Canada 150 celebrations involved red and white-themed tea times!

Rosecrest snack set by Federal Glass
Celebrate Canada Birthday Cookies with Red Rose orange pekoe tea from a blogging friend.

Established in 1894 in New Brunswick, Red Rose Tea is considered a Canadian food icon.

Red and gold teacup by Old Royal Bone China
Another blogging friend sent me this delicious "Canada 150 Blend" by Murchie's:
"A mosaic of black, green and oolong teas, blended with a hint of maple to celebrate our nation’s history and diversity." (From: Murchie's)

Some of you may have seen this Canadian Tire commercial already. 
Click on the image to watch the 30-second commercial.

I was proud to see the Valley's charming downtown featured in the commercial.

Happy 150 Canada!

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. Happy 150 Years to Canada, Margie! I wish I could sip some of your tea with you. I've had the Red Rose tea, but the other sounds wonderful, too. Thanks for sharing the commercial with us to see your valley!
    p.s. Your snack set with the roses was perfect for your red rose orange pekoe tea!

  2. Happy 150 year anniversary to Canada, I raise a teacup to you xx

  3. Very nice start to the celebration Margie, I plan to continue throughout July with special teas and the red maple cream cookies too.

  4. Happy birthday, Canada! What a beautiful and delicious way to honor her!...Christine

  5. Happy 150 year anniversary to Canada!I wish I could live violence,no corruption...Sorry,forget it!Congratulations!LOVE the red teacup and cookies!Xoxo!

  6. I bet the Murchie's tea was good. I loved visiting the Murchie's store in Victoria last year. Enjoy the week and the celebrations.

  7. Wonderful tea post, Margie! I love your red teacup and the Murchie's sounds good. I enjoy anything with maple in it. Red Rose tea is my hubby's favourite although I can get him to drink Earl Grey once in a while. Happy Canada Day weekend and enjoy your tea and cookies! {I am working on a post for the weekend}

  8. Dear Margie:
    What a great way to celebrate with Canada! I have never tried the Red Rose tea but it sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing this wonderful celebration.

  9. What a great post Margie! Loved it! Had seen the commercial, but didn't know it was your town! Oh goodie...a new Murchie's tea to try! Am in Victoria for my birthday in August, and always go by Murchie's. Love your anniversary goodies. Yay Canada! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea

  10. Margie, sweet snack set! I love snack sets - so handy for tea parties! I haven't had Red Rose tea in ages, but I like it. Haven't had anything from Murchie's in ages. Have visited the shop in Victoria - beautiful!

  11. Margie, You are doing it up right with the red and white. I hit a pancake breakfast and a scrapbook store where I made my own red and white pin. Ice cream later. Have a great day. Sylvia D.

  12. It's been a busy weekend for me for Canada's birthday and just catching up now. A nice sampling of all things Canadian ... how cool that Valley Town was in the commercial!! I hadn't seen the commercial before.


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