Monday, July 3, 2017

Canada 150 Celebrations Continued

We couldn't let June end at work without having a tea social to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday.

 I didn't have red and white teawares so I brought in my "Serenity" teacups by Shelley. 
Murchie's Canada 150 and David's Tea's Oh Canada! (not pictured) teas were served.

Canada Birthday Cookies  

What's more Canadian than Timbits?

Some of the tea treats brought in by coworkers. 
I got distracted and neglected to photograph the other foods.

I kept cool during the Canada Day long weekend by drinking iced "Tea the North" by David's Tea. Red and white ingredients (white tea, coconut, watermelon, rhubarb) were blended together to create this limited edition tea for Canada 150.

I wasn't in the mood to deal with the crazy crowds on July 1st so I just tea partied in the comfort of my home.

Happy Independence Day to my American friends!

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. The tea social treats and tea look wonderful! I haven't seen those red maple cookies (hubby does the shopping and he would completely ignore that!). Looks like you missed a great excuse to expand your teacup collection with red & white. Something to consider? I did brave the crowds out in Cobourg and had a wonderful day celebrating. Cheers Margie!

  2. Your celebration looks delicious and so inviting!I saw wonderful photos of Canada at Sandi's blog: very very beautiful!Congratulations for all who loves this country!

  3. Hi Margie, congratulations to Canada's 150 birthday!
    How nice that you celebrated it at work with a little tea party. The food looks so tempting!
    I like your t-shirt!
    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week!
    Warm regards,

  4. Margie your tea looks delicious. I haven't seen those red maple cookies but then I haven't been looking for cookies lately. How lovely to have another tea social at work. You must work in a wonderful pace. Have a great week.

  5. Another successful workplace tea gathering and lots of special Canada 150 treats.
    I have 5 boxes of the cookies unopened but headed for a pot luck BBQ Wednesday night. ;-)

  6. Such a fantastic tea party and celebration for Canada's 150th! Looks like there was a wonderful spread! I have heard of David's Tea, and I'm sure the limited edition Canadian tea is splendid!
    I'm not one for crowds either and my family just went to a bbq at our local community centre.

  7. I thought I saw Shelley...I love that pattern! I haven't seen the red maple cookies, will be looking for those in Victoria next month. A perfect post for a continuation of Canada Day! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea

  8. Looks like a delicious celebration at work. We don't go out on holidays either but did watch some of the celebrations in Ottawa on the tv.

  9. Well I don't know what Timbits are but I'll take twenty haha! They DO look small of course so I don't think that's unreasonable! It all looks so wonderful!

  10. Hi Margie,
    What a wonderful idea to celebrate Canada's 150th with a Tea at work. Love those teacups! Also that burgandy toned one is gorgeous! I stayed at home but we live on Castle Park and there is a huge celebration in our back yard with lots of people so I didn't have to go far to celebrate. Happy July 4th and Canada Day to you too! Karen

  11. You know how I love your tea socials at work, Margie! it just makes for a more friendly environment, I would think. The timbits look like our donut holes. I'm glad that you partied in the comforts of your home. Hope you have a happy week.

  12. Your tea treats from work are so perfect for celebrating in Canada 🇨🇦. Love the photo of your flag. The special limited edition tea sounds great for iced tea.
    Grand time of year for celebrating!

  13. Margie, your "Serenity" teacups are beautiful! I've never seen that pattern, but I always like when the design extends to the inside of the cup.

  14. What a fun way to celebrate, Margie. The maple leaf cookies are so sweet and I love your china.

  15. Dear Margie:
    I have never heard of a Timbit! Looks delicious and so do all the other foods. What a great way to celebrate and you sure have organized everything so well for your friends at work. Thanks for sharing and have 150th!


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