Monday, March 25, 2019

Easter Egg Oreos for Tea Time

Last week, we celebrated the arrival of spring with a pop-up tea social at the office. Pop-up teas are super easy because the preparation is minimal: I brew a pot of tea and people bring their own cups and lunch.

One of my colleagues brought Oreo Easter egg limited edition cookies which we enjoyed with Organic Fashionista black tea.

The Oreo cookies were egg-shaped with cute Easter designs. The purple filling tasted like the white filling. Can you see the little chick wearing bunny ears?

Have you tried any interesting Easter-themed treats?


  1. I know the co-workers appreciate the pop-up tea socials, Margie. It gives everyone a time to slow down and enjoy each other with a cup of tea. The Oreos look like a perfect Easter time treat. I have Easter chocolates and candies in my candy dishes for the grands (and me!!) to enjoy.

  2. What fun; a pop-up tea at work! I don't have any Easter treats yet but I'm sure when I go to the store again, I will be bringing something yummy home. I like the Cadbury eggies! The colours are so pretty and who can resist some chocolate? I usually buy my grandsons chocolate bars every time I go to the grocery store but with Easter on the way, a chocolate bunny might be in order. ;-) Have a lovely week, Margie, and Happy Spring to you!

  3. Oh what fun to have a pop-up tea at work! I wanted that grape coloured icing you showed us to taste grape-y, but you say it tasted like the white icing. That's okay too. It all licks off enjoyably, doesn't it?

    Wishing you a great week ahead, Margie.
    Brenda xox

  4. What fun to have a pop-up tea party at work! I have never seen egg-shaped Oreos, but I might go looking for them. The grands would think they are really special.
    Have a wonderful week, Margie.

  5. A pop up tea sounds so fun. Easy enough too with no hassle . Love the idea . Yum, Oreos ! I haven’t seen those . Guess I’ll be on the lookout for them next trip to grocery store . Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Margie, I almost never use up my daily sugar limit on store-bought treats, but I used to enjoy Oreos without the filling. Even as a child I wasn't overly fond of sugar and would twist the Oreos apart and scrape off the filling. If anyone else was around, they were usually happy to take my scrapings! Love the idea of a pop-up tea. Must try it soon.

  7. Cute and delicious!Great idea for Easter!Hugs!


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