Monday, September 9, 2019

Chayo Tea's Boba

On Labour Day weekend, I visited Chayo Tea
"Chayo" (Madarin) translates to "Friend" in English.

I've seen Chayo Tea's booths at tea festivals, but this is the first time I've visited their new shop in downtown Burlington.

Inside the tea shop.

I was in the mood for a cold beverage so I ordered the peach bubble tea. Very refreshing!

Last weekend, I tried Donut Monster's Peach Earl Grey fritter. YUM!
I love trying out desserts that feature one of my favourite tea blends!


  1. Peach bubble tea and a tea infused donut?? You know how to enjoy yourself, Margie! I wish I could hang around with you!

  2. OOh, a tea-infused donut sounds fantastic! You really find the best places.

  3. You discover the neatest tea places to visit.

  4. I agree with Kitty. You would be fun to hang out with! The tea sounds delicious and I'm glad you had another fabulous tea experience. Something we lack here are tea rooms, especially once September is over. If I could do it over again, I would love to have opened a tea room and feature some yummy baked goods. Hubby always said it would be a gold mine, but then again, he is quite biased! ;-) Have a wonderful week, Margie.

  5. You always find the best tea rooms. I'm not a fan of boba tea, but yours looks quite refreshing. There are hundreds of boba tea places where I live. I should give it another try.
    I really like tea infused desserts. What a perfect tea blend for baked goods.
    Thanks so much for visiting this week. I've missed everyone.

  6. I agree with Kitty too! You know how to tea party!

  7. Margie, I'm not a fan of bubble tea, but I'd love to visit that tea shop! I love to make tea-infused desserts. Isn't tea the best thing ever?!

  8. Such a lovely outing! I'd taste that dessert to!


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