Monday, September 16, 2019

Paragon Teacup: Yellow Roses

The teacup that I'm showcasing this week was a gift from a woman that I met at work.

I love yellow so I've always been partial to yellow roses.

This gorgeous teacup was made by Paragon--one of my favourite china companies.

With the autumn season just 1 week away, my teawares in the fall colours are now out on display!

Have you started decorating for the fall?


  1. That's a beautiful teacup. I love the traditional shape, and the yellow rose. No autumn decor here yet, although I do have a big pot of pink chrysanthemums on the front porch.

  2. Stunning teacup!I love yellow flowers too.Amazing Autumn display!Hugs!

  3. Your teacup is a beauty, Margie! I like Paragon too and I have a few gems. Yellow roses to me are like daisies; they're friendly! They make one happy to look at them. I have not started Fall decorating. I don't usually do too much of it any way. Although I do have a wreath waiting to hang on the front door.

  4. So very lovely! Such a lovely gift...and it's never too early to enjoy you fall tea set.
    I don't have seasonal tea sets...but try to use different cups and tea pots often to enjoy them all.

  5. yellow roses are my favourite, beautiful teacup

  6. Now that's a beautiful tea cup. Yellow roses are such lovely flowers. As Sandi said, they are friendly, and cheering.

  7. I agree, Paragon teacups are beautiful and so are yellow roses. My one rose tree is a yellow one with a sweet scent.
    It's too hot here to think about fall. I will put out a wreath and lots of pumpkin decor around the house. I'm phasing out of displaying Halloween decor and sticking with fall decor. It can stay up through
    Thanksgiving. Love your fall teacups!

  8. What a beautiful teacup you received, Margie. Your Fall tea vignette looks so pretty in front of your window. I need to start putting out some Fall decor. It’s just been too hot here to think about it.

  9. Oh what a beautiful teacup Margie! I just love the colors. Your Autumn teawares are darling. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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