Monday, February 10, 2020

February teas and falling off the tea wagon

This month, I finally tried some new teas that I acquired last November/December.

Monarch Tea's Anniversary Blend is a limited edition tea (2019) that celebrates 5 years of one of my favourite tea companies. This tasty dessert tea is a blend of black tea, strawberry, rosehip, and chocolate.

Tea Amo is a mobile tea room (their travelling tea trailer is adorable!) that also sells teas online. The cherry chocolate black tea tea is delicious and tastes just like black forest cake.

One of my birthday gifts: Tea at the White House's First Snowfall is a black tea with white chocolate and cute snowflake sprinkles. It was a hit at last week's pop-up tea at the office.

So I lasted 39 days without purchasing any new teas...

...but I couldn't resist this Cinnamon Hearts black tea from Tea at the White--it'll be served at an upcoming tea social at work.

I used a gift card from my birthday so technically it's a gift, right???


  1. Yes, it’s definitely a gift since you used your gift card, Margie. Anyway, how could you resist such a delicious sounding tea, and it’s so pretty too. I love it in your ❤️ teacup. Have fun at your Valentine social at work.

  2. Yes, it definitely is a gift, Margie. :-) It is pretty enough for a Valentine's Day tea. I think you must have more fun with tea than almost anyone else I know! Enjoy the upcoming tea social! Happy Valentine's Day on Friday!

  3. Definitely a gift! Such delicious sounding teas. Enjoy the social at work.

  4. Enjoy your delicious teas!Beautiful R.A. teacup,it caught my eye!Have a lovely week!

  5. I wondered when you would fall off the wagon! LOL! Dang better than me! I probably would not have lasted nearly as long! Happy Valentine's Day dear Margie. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Margie, 39 days is a lot longer that I thought you'd last! :D

  7. 39 days is great and gift cards don't count as spending!

  8. Thank you, Margie, for featuring our Cherry Chocolate tea from Tea Amo! We are so glad to hear you enjoyed it. -Heather & Marian


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