Monday, February 8, 2021

Love potions by Teamancy

I've been wanting to try the teas by Teamancy, a Nova Scotian tea business, for months. Their cute Valentine tea cards were the perfect opportunity to try a sample of their unque teas!


 Yes, I sent myself a Valentine. 

It's called self-love!


The "Love Potions" were (L-R): Chocolate Strawberry, Raspberry Truffle, Spiced Vanilla, Lemon Berry.


This beautiful tea-for-one set was a birthday gift. 

Love the pink glaze and HUGE mug!


The teapot came with a metal strainer. 

The tea set is perfect for serving Valentine teas!

Valentine's Day Countdown: Each day I randomly picked a chocolate tea in my collection to enjoy!

Day 1: Malted Chocolate Biscuits black tea (Dessert by Deb)

Day 2: Organic Banana Chocolate Latte pu-erh and black tea (Monarch Tea Co.)

Day 3: As You Wish black tea (Geek+Tea)

Day 4: Chocolate, Berries, and Cream black tea (Dessert by Deb)

Day 5: Bergamot Kisses / Chocolate Earl Grey black tea (DavidsTea)

Day 6: Chocolate Macaroon black tea (DavidsTea)

Day 7: Cherry Chocolate black tea (Tea Amo)


  1. Love your gorgeous pink Tea-for-one set! Sweet gift!

  2. Valentines Day calls for chocolate, and you have tried some interesting flavours! The Nova Scotian teas sound tasty. Cute tea for one set. I love it when it comes with its own strainer! Have great week!

  3. Love the card! And Day 5 tea sounds delicious!

  4. I love your cute card! Yes, you deserved it ❤️ You tempt me with all those tea flavors, Margie. Your pretty pink tea set is darling 💕

  5. What a sweet card and loving your tea stash. many flavors. I would be trying one right after another. You know, like they do those wine testing I see on TV. LOL! Eye is healing nicely from 2nd surgery but had to pop in and say hello. Hope to post next week. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Valentine Tea Cards are a first for me, Margie. Love that creative, delicious idea!

  7. Love your tea-for-one set, my favorite colors. We are out of lockdown and the first thing I did was to buy an unreasonable amount of tea, you would have been so proud.

  8. Awesome idea for a new tea for each day. I have chocolate mint I dry and make tea out of, it is wonderful. Next year I will have to plant more it's almost gone now. I have no control.

  9. That is an adorable tea for 1 set. Did a switch around of all my teapots today, put away the snowman one and got out my cardinal one. I also got this months tea selection from


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