Monday, March 8, 2021

Tea Haul: Teamancy

 Happy International Women's Day!

Teamancy (pronounced "Tea-ah-mancy" is a woman-owned tea business from Cape Breton Nova Scotia. I was intrigued by their unique blends and recently ordered a few of their honeybush teas (L-R): Cranberry Head Crumble, Problem Free Philosotea, Key Lime Chamomile.

I also couldn't resist Teamncy's reinventions of my favourite fruits (L-R): Nana's Bananas black tea, Spicy Mango green tea.

I love receiving free tea samples in my order!


I actually tried these sample blends last month when I sent myself a Teamancy Valentine!

The "Love Potions" were delicious so I'm happy to have more for my teacup!


  1. LOVE the heart shaped cup! What a way to start the day ... and Cranberry Head Crumble is quite an intriguing choice!

  2. The teas sound scrumptious, Margie. I think I’d first gave to Rett he Cranberry Head Crumble. Is it as good as it sounds??

  3. Lovely to try new teas, and free samples are always ‘tea’riffic

  4. What unique blends. Would love to know your exact thoughts on each kind of tea you try, Margie. It would be a good place to come back to to remember and for us to learn. Can you start giving us true feedback on all your tea? You have tried so many. I tend to stick to my basics and now branch out very much.

  5. Seems everyone likes your heart shaped cup, Margie. I think the Cranberry Head Crumble does sound intriguing! It is wonderful that you can buy your tea online rather than going out to the store. I haven't gotten into the online thing yet. All my kids shop that way but I guess I'm a bit old fashioned and like buying from the store. Or rather my hubby buys for me since I rarely get out of the house. I hope March is treating you well. It's been a pretty good winter here this year. Not long and we'll be celebrating Spring.

  6. Such unique sounding teas. Samples are a great way to expand one's flavour palette.


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