Monday, December 27, 2021

2021 Wrap-Up

 I sipped my way through 2021!

My "Drink What I Own" Tea Advent Calendar: Days 19-24

January to June tea empties

July to November tea empties

I finished tons of teas in my collection...

...but I also bought a lot of new blends (and restocked my faves) from Canadian tea companies!

A new tea company that I tried in 2021: Teamancy is a woman-owned tea company from Nova Scotia.

Unexpected plot twist: I started liking lavender teas!

Thank you all for your visits and comments throughout the year.
The second pandemic year was filled with high highs and low lows. 
But I'm still here!


  1. Drinking your way through 2021 wasn't a bad idea girl! LOL! Love all of your tea stash. I have went through quite a few stashes of tea too. Some hot, some cold. Lots of coffee! LOL! Have a great day Margie. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. I, too, love your tea stash.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2022, Margie!

  3. I always admire all the different tea flavors that you try, Margie! How nice that you're enjoying lavender tea. Happy sipping in 2022!

  4. Tea stashes are interesting! When I told my son {from Michigan who was looking for tea in my kitchen} I had tea stashed everywhere, he found the tea chest on top of the refrigerator which I had forgotten about. I don't see the top of my fridge {yes, I'm a shrimp!} until the day I clean it. I had forgotten I had put it up there. Anyway, they had lots of tea to choose from. Two canisters full, several boxes on one side of the kitchen and numerous packages and pouches on the other side of my kitchen. Hubby has always teased me about having as much tea in my cupboards as any grocery store has on their shelves. :) I hope you had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to a better 2022. I think we all deserve it! Wishing you the best ever!!

  5. What a fantastic way to mark the year - by your tea stash! You are so adventurous when it comes to teas. Love it! Happy tea days in 2022.

  6. Hi Margie! Are you keeping a journal of all these teas you try? What an amazing array!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I have been staying off the pc trying to start the new year with a few better habits....such as working harder and staring at lit screens less.

    Glad you are still here. Hang in there. continued good health and happiness be yours in the coming new year. Hugs.

  7. It's been fascinating to follow your tea adventures this year! I'm so glad we've connected along the way.

    Hapoy New Year, Margie!

  8. I hope 2022 is equally as good! Haven't been around for the past few weeks. Finally got around to the renovations that have been put off time and again during the past couple of years. I'm so happy with my new bathroom! I'm in the final stages of cleaning and tidying but taking a break because I wanted to wish you and a Happy New Year.


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