Monday, December 13, 2021

DIY: Tea-themed ornaments

The crafty YouTubers have influenced me to DIY my own tea-themed ornaments this year.


O Christmas Tea!

I painted these wooden tree ornaments from Dollarama and decorated both sides with teapot and teacup stickers.


More wooden ornaments


 2015 DIY Decoupage Disaster

I didn't have proper decoupage glue, so I improvised and used watered-down glue which resulted in these sad baubbles. They got trashed!


This year, I found Mod Podge at Dollarama and decided to give it another shot.

These Christmas baubbles turned out MUCH better!



My curiosity got the better of me: I tried Justin Bieber's timbits with a cup of DavidsTea's Merry Mistletoe white tea. The Sour Cream Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate Fudge "timbiebs" were just okay.


My "Drink What You Own" Tea Advent Calendar: Days 5-8
My "Drink What You Own" Tea Advent Calendar: Days 9-12
I can't believe that we're more than halfway through Advent!



  1. Those wooden ornaments and Christmas baubbles are beautiful Margie!!! You go girl! And thanks for sharing the disaster ones too. I laugh because one year I was going to make ornaments using clay and girl........Let's just say that I had more clay under my nails than I did the ornaments! It is crazy that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away! Enjoy your week. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Good job on the wooden ornaments, Margie!! Your new Mod Podge ones turned out great. Thanks for sharing the not-so-good ones, too. I can’t believe how quickly Advent is going. I wish it would last longer, don’t you? Thanks for the review on the timbiebs! Happy 3rd Week of Advent.

  3. There is such a sense of accomplishment when our crafts turn out well. We also live and learn. The new decoupage ornies look wonderful! Glad they all turned out well for you. Enjoy your tea, Margie, and have a merry week!

  4. DIY is so much fun! Glad your ornaments turned out well for you. Yes, I noticed we are over the halfway point of Advent, too. It's going by very quickly. Enjoy tea sipping!

  5. haven't tried the Justin Bieber timbits, as I am on a diet. I have a David's Tea advent calendar and so far the Fireside Mocha (think that was it's name) has been my favourite.

  6. Time flies!Great DIY ornaments. I have an angel in my Christmas tree which was made by my mother in law a long time ago.She died last year. We treasured it. Sweet remembrances.

  7. Merry Christmas, friend! I'm so grateful our paths continue to cross. You bring a gentle, warmth to my days. To honor your presence in my life, I think I'll go make a warm cup of tea.

    Bless you.


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