Monday, March 7, 2022

My first Dessert by Deb haul of the year

Last month, I ordered a few new Dessert by Deb teas, as well as restocked on some faves.

I love the colourful square tins!

Bonus goodies included in my order.

Dessert by Deb's newsletter has amazing promos for subscribers.

Deb also surprised me with this adorable Valentine gift!

I love the fun socks and super cute mug!

I've already enjoyed the new delicious tea blends that were introduced this year.

Left: Almond Cinnamon Brioche black tea

Right: Peaches and Cream Chai black tea

I'm not a big fan of floral teas, but Deb has converted me with her Lady Lavender collection:

Left: Lavender Coconut Macaron green tea

Right: Lavender London Fog black tea


  1. I love the pretty tins too Margie. Well, I even love the pretty tea packaging on some of the teas. Sometimes I catch myself hesitant to open my tea because I want to look at the packaging. LOL! I am actually steeping some green maccha tea right now. But, gonna make myself a cold loaded tea using it in a bit. It will be my reward for working out this morning. LOL!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Margie, your new teas sounds lovely, and I love those little square tins too! The sox and mug are very fun! Hope your March is going well. Spring is just around the corner; yay!!

  3. Oh my, such fun flavors, Margie, and yes, cute tins! Wasn’t that sweet of Deb to send you a gift?? Deb sure provides great flavors.

  4. Hi Margie! My gosh you find the best tea stuff. Those flavors sound amazing. (And yes those tins are adorbz too!!)

    I love you got a surprise - they're the best, aren't they?

  5. Margie, your teas always sound interesting. I love the tea tins, and have quite a collection of tins because I can't bear to part with them. The mug and socks are cute!

  6. I love the colourful tins too. How pretty!

    Happy Friday, Margie!


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