Monday, September 5, 2022

Autumn Approaches

As summers draws to an end, the autumn vibes in the valley grow stronger.

I've been wanting a "Hello Pumpkin" mug for ages, so I was thrilled to find this adorable mug at HomeSense (aka HomeGoods in the U.S.).

My seasonal teawares

August tea empties

What I've already stockpiled or restocked:
1) DavidsTea Tropicalia fruit infusion
2) DavidsTea Lime Gelato Green Tea
3) Dessert by Deb's Orange Creamsicle Mousse rooibos

What I may repurchase from time to time:
1) DavidsTea Maracuja Mango black tea

Have you started decorating for fall?



  1. Your Hello Pumpkin mug is so perfect, Margie. I like that other cute one, too. Your decor is pretty for Fall. No, I haven’t started decorating for Fall, but I do have sunflowers out. It’s still so hot here!

  2. I'm trying not to think about fall yet! Although mornings are cooler and night is falling more quickly every day, the days are hot and sunny. What a fun pumpkin mug you found!

  3. Beautiful mug. Great Fall decoration. Hugs!

  4. it's time for the blue pumpkins to make their appearance again. can't wait!


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