Monday, November 20, 2023

A vintage "Merry Christmas" teacup

I keep an eye out for Christmas teapots and teacups all year.

I bought this vintage teacup for only $2 at a garage sale last August.


 I think it was a mismatched set because the teacup had bells...


...while the saucer said "Merry Christmas".

Interestingly, the teacup had 2 markings: the manufacturer's gold backstamp (Regency, circa 1953+) and the decorator's black backstamp. 
So this bone china teacup was made in England, but decorated in Canada!


  1. Whether they are an original matching set or put together as a pair by someone else; you have a wonderful teacup to enjoy tea in this coming Christmas. Very pretty garage sale find.

  2. What a darling Christmas teacup at a bargain price! I’d never know that it was mismatched, but that makes it more charming. I’m excited to bring out my Christmas teacups soon.

  3. What a sweet teacup and saucer! Mismatched china can be so charming.

  4. What an adorable Christmas teacup at such a great price! I wouldn't have guessed it was mismatched, but that adds to its charm.

    Hugs and blessings, Margie ☕

  5. Thanksgiving blessings to you, Margie.


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