Monday, May 11, 2015

Spring Pottery Show and Sale

During the first weekend of May, I attended the Hamilton Potters Guild's Spring Pottery Show & Sale.

The three-day sale featured the functional and decorative works of over 100 potters. Of course, there were plenty of beautiful teawares to admire!

Stoneware by the featured artist: Richard Fisher

Diane Irons

Top: Conestoga River Pottery
Bottom: Gleason Brook Pottery, "I hope my pots are filled with admirable qualities -- Usefulness, Simplicity, Strength, Humility." (from Timothy P. Smith`s artistic statement)

Asian-style teapots by Robert Tetu

For the Edgar Allan Poe fan: The Raven teapot and mugs by Bunny Safari Pottery

 Top: Donna Samborski
Bottom: Clarke Ceramics (isn't the crocheted tea set utterly charming?)

Wood-fired tea set by Terry Osborne

More "rustic" teapots by Barbara Murphy Pottery (left) and A Pear of Potters (right).

 These beautiful floral porcelain teapots by Andrea Vuletin are among the most expensive pots at $260 each!

Fiona Wheelband

The Blues
Top: A.S.K. Pottery (left), Jill Crown (right)
Bottom: Mount Pleasant Pottery (left), Mieke Zawada (right)

The little feet on the teapots by Deborah Doran Pottery are too cute!

Top: Jill Crown (left), Brickworks Pottery (right)
Bottom: Suzan Fawcett (left),  Ishrat Raza Suhrwardy (right)

 A.S.K. Pottery's brightly coloured mugs and herbal series tea sets.

 Funky teapots by Harper Pottery (left) and Ishrat Raza Suhrwardy (right)

 Teacups by different potters

Love the whimsical hand-drawn designs of Greg Voisin's mugs!

Stylish mugs by Trudy Schulz Pottery

 We can all use one of these Sanity mugs by Joseph Panacci.

Scott Barnim: "What I make is beautiful art that becomes part of your daily life."

Do you agree?


  1. What a wonderful display of pottery! The teapots are so different and unusual the hand crafted process makes each one so tempting. Your photos and special reference information is helpful and I have located a couple of artists on the web. Thanks for including this beautiful show for us to participate!


  2. There's a pottery guild in Aurora and I attended their event once and saw lots of neat teapots. There sure were expensive, as I'm sure these ones were. I see some unique spouts in your photos.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Margie.

  3. Beautiful pottery work, very nice designs.

  4. How fun! There are some really pretty pieces there, I like Diane's and Andrea's the most!

  5. These are some amazing looking tea pots. I love them all. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  6. Margie, My favorite tea pot is the yellow and blue one from A.S.K. Pottery. Wonderful tea ware! Sylvia D.

  7. I adore the Andrea Vuletin ones just gorgeous. I have no idea how you would make a pot of tea or even clean the tea pot out of the one by Ishrat Raza Suhrwardy ?

  8. Beautiful Pottery,, I love the teapot with the legs!

  9. What fun to see all the beautiful pottery, Margie! My favorite set was the crocheted one, but I also loved the expensive teapot with the leaves and ladybugs. Thanks for sharing!

  10. How fabulous! I wish I'd been able to visit as well...I would have come home loaded down! But as much as I liked the Andrea Vuletin that's pretty high in price. The Poe Raven teapot was pretty cool! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  11. What a beautiful display of pottery! I wouldn't be able to choose between all those wonderful colours and forms.
    Thank you for the lovely post.
    PS I love your blog's name, the header photo and your introduction! :)

  12. Oh my - so many beautiful teapots. My favorites are the ones with the birds. They would be loved by everyone! So glad you shared them all.

  13. Ditto on the birds! What a unique show and some very unusual teapots. It would be fun to attend that show. Thanks for joining me for tea, Margie.


  14. I would love to attend a pottery show like this one. Such a great volume of teaware! My favorites are the Gleason Pottery green teapot and the Clarke Ceramics with the clever crochet. I adore the Andrea Vuletin teapots. Too bad they're out of my budget. Thanks for sharing all of this great teaware! I agree with the quote at the end of your post. It reminds me to use more of my "good" teacups and dishes. What am I saving them for? Have a good tea week, Nora

  15. Wow what a gorgeous collection of tea pots! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  16. I envy you {in a good way, lol} I would have loved to attend an event like that too... All those show really great artisans behind them. I could spend and endless amount of time just staring each and everyone of them. Thanks for sharing....

  17. ahhh, what a lovely sale glad you had fun. :)

  18. What an event! So many handmade teapots in one place! xoox Su

  19. What a lovely collection of teapots.. I picked out one of the of more expensive ones are my favorite, it figures..Thanks for sharing, a great post. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  20. Some amazing teapots lovely post. Thank you with love Janice


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