Monday, May 18, 2015

Victoria Day

Victoria Day is a Canadian stat holiday celebrated on the Monday before May 25th to honour Queen Victoria's birthday.

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As a tribute to the British monarch, I'm sharing a teacup by the Victoria pottery company.

I purchased this pink teacup and saucer at a church sale a few years ago for only 25 cents! Some of the gold bands are worn out which I think adds to its vintage charm.

The bottom of the teacup is decorated with a yellow and pink rose.
The pink colour is so soft that it almost looks white!

The Victoria backstamp circa 1936-1955.

At a recent trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake, I visited Victoria Teas & Coffees.

The tea display behind the counters.

The tea side of the shop.

Teapots of every imaginable colour!

Because I'm currently limiting my purchase of new teas until I finish up some teas in my stash, the only item that left the store with me was this set of hard-to-find teapot drip catchers.

Happy Victoria Day!

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. Hi Margie,
    What a beautiful teacup and such a steal at 25 cents!!! The Victoria Tea and Coffee shop must've been a fun place to visit. How great that you're using up all your stash of tea before buying more.

  2. What a fun post for Victoria Day! The teacup is lovely, and I would love to visit the Victoria Gallery and tea. Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  3. Perfect for Victoria Day, and what a beauty! The tea shop looks wonderful, so much to choose from!

  4. Happy Victoria Day! Such a perfect teacup for today. It certainly is a soft pink. I also like the worn look of gold on my teacups. It shows their age and delicacy. Wow, I could spend hours in the Victoria Gallery! So many products. A Disneyland for tea fanatics. I like the tea catchers you purchased. So many tablecloths have been marked up because of drips. Have a great week!

  5. What a delightful tea cup! Those golden bands are wonderful. Thank you for including the mark and date. Love Info!

  6. My first time visiting your blog, and I look forward to more visits. The tea shop looks great...I don't think I saw that when we were in that town.

  7. Happy Victoria Day !!!! I'm smiling because I too have to limit myself in buying more teas...but it certainly is difficult when you at Niagra-on-the Lake surrounded by all those fabulous tea choices...However did you do it ( Hee hee)..I quess tea catchers would suffice , beautifully, especially since you have such a lovely vintage cup and saucer to drink from... It really is quite a saintly set ...I love it.... Thanks for sharing all the super photos... Hugs

  8. Hi Margie,
    What a bargain for that lovely Victoria teacup! I think worn gold trims on teacups just add to their charm. They are an indication that they have been well loved. You wouldn't believe the teas I have in my cabinets. Yes, I said cabinets! As well as a canister and a tea chest. *sigh* The trouble with me is I always find a new one and it becomes my new favourite for a while then the other teas wait until I feel like making them again. Such is the life of a tea fanatic. Thank you for coming to tea and Happy Victoria Day!


  9. Hi Margie! Thanks for stopping by--especially since I've been gone for a bit :). Wow 25 cents for that pretty teacup? What a steal! The Victoria's Tea looks like a really fun place to stop. I totally hear you on the trying to limit tea purchases--but there are so many flavors out there that haven't been tried yet! I've been trying to cut back too--I drink a lot, but there is only so much space (especially with loose leaf, since they last longer).

    By the way, there will be lots more photos in my "food around France" series. I had to eat, and if there was a landmark (or really anything) nearby...

  10. What a pretty cup, and what a deal for only a quarter! Kudos to you for the self-control in the tea shop!! Hard to do. I, too, have lots of tea to drink up before trying any new ones.

  11. What a great shop to visit. I sell many of the same products and recognize them. Looks like great fun. Your cup and saucer are lovely handpainted.

  12. What a wonderful shop. Love the tea cup. Blessings, Martha

  13. never been to that store in Niagara on the Lake. Love the drip catcher, never seen one like that before. Very pretty tea cup and saucer also.

  14. I'm not sure I've been in the Victoria Gallery in Niagara-on-the-lake but a great shop for a tea lover. You are being good not to buy any more tea until you use up what you have - I need to learn this restraint. :-)
    I put a card in the mail yesterday with some Murchie's lavender tea so let me know when you try it how you like it Margie.

  15. Your teacup is sure soft and pretty, Margie. I enjoyed your post and getting to see the Victoria tea shop. Thanks for visiting. Blessings, Bess

  16. I love your teacup and saucer, and boy what a bargain! I too love a little bit of the time worn look. Pink and yellow are so pretty together. What a wonderful celebration!

  17. Margie, what a pretty shop! I love the teacup! Thank you for your sweet comment at my blog. Enjoy your holdiday weekend. xoxo Su

  18. What a great trip and that shop with such eye candy for us, tea lovers! The teacup from Victoria pottery is lovely, lovely.
    Love the celeb.
    Thanks for sharing and for the sweet visit.
    Enjoy this MD weekend.


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