Monday, December 11, 2017

2017 Tea-Themed Christmas Tree

I like to put up my Christmas decorations by late November so that I can maximize my enjoyment of the festive decor.

It took HOURS to put up my tea-themed tree...

...but it was so worth it!!!
The new additions to the 2017 tree are featured below.

I purchased the Hallmark "Tea Time! Santa and Bag" and "A Spot of Tea Mini Fairy Teapot" ornaments at the Boxing Week sales after last Christmas.

This checkered teacup is almost as big as a real teacup.

Cute ornaments that I found at the thrift stores and church sales this year.

Every year, I admire the Blue Delft teapot and teacup ornaments at The Dutch Mill Country Market and wait to no avail for them to go on sale after Christmas. So this year, I decided to purchase them (at regular price) before they sold out for the umpteenth time.

These teapots are actually oil diffuser ornaments.

I commissioned a local stained glass artist to make this adorable stained glass teapot in turquoise.

Last Christmas, I was gifted this children's ladybug tea set which I converted into ornaments.

My godson gifted me this miniature dragon tea set this Christmas.
Daenerys Targaryen would approve!

These dainty demitasse tea sets only cost $1 each at the thrift store so I snatched them up and turned them into ornaments.

 I used my Indigo gift card to purchase these mini mug ornaments. I think they're supposed to be hot cocoa, but I really liked what the mugs say so I'll pretend they're tea mugs!
Left: Mint green mug that says, "Snug & Cozy"
Right: Rose pink mug that says, "Eat, drink and be amazing"

Do you have any tea-themed ornaments?

I'm joining the following parties this week:


  1. Your tea themed Christmas tree looks TEA-rrific, Margie! I like that you turned some demitasse cups into ornaments. I'm glad that you went ahead and bought those blue delft ornaments. I have a few tea-themed ornaments that were gifts, and I love them.

  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE this! I wish I had a spot to create a tree like this! So many pretty ornaments - a feast for the eyes. WHAT a great idea to turn the demitasse sets into ornaments!! I have some and I display them but I like this idea much better. Off to get my E6000 lol!

  3. WOW!Your Christmas tree is just wonderful!I have never seen one like yours!LOOOOOVE it!Merry Christmas,Margie!

  4. LOVE your tea themed tree, Margie! It is just perfect and I know it is a delight to everyone who sees it. I have glued a couple of teacups & saucers together too for the tree. Glad you got the Blue Delft ones too. It took most of the day to decorate our big tree. My hubby likes lots of ornaments so it takes a while to get them just right. Thank you for sharing your adorable tree with us.

  5. What a completely charming tree, Margie! I love it!

  6. O Margie I love your tree! Especially your stained glass ornament. How nice they could make one for you! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  7. Your tea themed tree is adorable.

  8. Wow, you have an amazing collection of tea ornaments! (Thou shall not covet, thou shall not covet...)

  9. Margie, wow! You really ARE a tea fan! I'm sure your enjoyment warrants the hours of work.

  10. It is really an excellent idea to decorate tea cups on the tree. Happy weekend.

  11. You have really enjoyed collecting these ornaments and they look amazing. I know they will be enjoyed for many years to come. Thanks for sharing them Margie!

  12. Your tree is so pretty! I have tea themed ornaments but we didn't put them up this year because we have a curious cat. This is her first Christmas and she really wants to eat our tree! Maybe next year, Lord willing, I'll get a miniature tree and hang my ornaments on it. Have a very Merry Christmas!


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