Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Wrapping up 2017

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

The teapot and teacup ornaments that I ordered from Avon arrived just time for Christmas!

The final tea social at the office.
We sipped Home for the Holidays black tea in my poinsettia teacups and saucers.

Tea Advent Calendar: Days 13-16

Tea Advent Calendar: Days 17-20

Tea Advent Calendar: Days 21-22
I forgot to photograph Days 23-24. Whoops!

As 2017 winds down, let's look at this year's tea highlights.

Thank you all for all your visits and comments throughout 2017.

May 2018 bring love, happiness, and prosperity.

Special thanks also go out to the lovely hosts of the parties that I join each week:

Note: My regular posting schedule will temporarily shift to Wednesday due to the holidays.


  1. Hello lovely to stop in for a visit with you...what a busy year you had!
    Your love for all things tea is so delightful and very inspiring... I also wanted to say...a very sweet and thoughtful package arrived in the mail last week! Oh truly spoilt my sister and I...we cannot thank you enough! I'll be sending you an email soon...and of course, a letter! {{smiles}} You are the sweetest!
    Hugs and love to you...and I hope 2018 is a simply fabulous year for you!

  2. Love your hindsight,Margie!Those ornaments are so cute too.Happy New Year!

  3. 2017 seems to have sped by. We are finishing the year in BC and I got some adorable tea ornaments at the Enoress Hotel, will find a way ti enjoy them all year at hime. All the best for 2018.

  4. I love your pretty ornaments, Margie, and I always love reading about your tea socials at work. The poinsettia teacups are so pretty. It was so nice seeing your highlights of the year. I wish for you, love, prosperity and happiness, too, in 2018!

  5. Hi Margie, you had a busy year! Yet you did so many fun things, the tea you have for work is such a great idea. Taking that time to spend with your co-workers sounds like a good chance to just connect and let work not get to serious all the time.In the two years you've blogged I believe I found your's about a year ago. Love your post's and look forward to them, hope your new year is a blessing in all ways.

  6. What a lovely post featuring all your teas throughout the year! The Avon ornaments are adorable. I didn't order them and I probably should have because they are in my colours. They look really cute on your tree. This Christmas was exceptionally busy this year so I was rather focused on other things. I did get a lovely little surprise in the mail from my youngest son however. Your blog is always a delight to visit and I hope 2018 will be filled with love, joy, and lots of tea! Happy New Year, Margie!

  7. Love your tea ornaments! And a very fun year in review. And many more wonderful tea treats in your future Margie! Always love to see all the fun things you find! Sipping an Orange Chocolate tea at the moment sent to me by a sweet tea blogging friend! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea.


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