Monday, February 4, 2019

Belated Birthday Tea-Themed Gifts

When your birthday is in January and you live in Canada, there's a high probability that your birthday celebrations will get rescheduled because of inclement weather. This year, we got hit by a snowstorm that dumped 40 cm (15 inches) of I ended up celebrating my birthday in February which had more co-operative weather!

Pretty tea-themed cards #1 & #2

Pretty tea-themed cards #3 & #4

My family and friends showered me with more teas.

Teas from Trader Joe's.

Love the yellow rose on this beauty.

For tea on the go: A pretty travel mug with a tea infuser.

Cute gift #1: A miniature book with a book-shaped infuser.

Cute gift #2: Tea party books for my inner child

Cute gift #3: A teapot house for my future fairy garden.

I don't know if these candles actually contain tea leaves, but the bear holding a mug of tea is pretty cute.

You can never have enough tea-themed towels!

Tea-infused lotion and mints.

Thanks to my generous and thoughtful family and friends, I won't need to buy new teas for a looooooooong time!


  1. Great gifts!Family and friends are real treasures...I love that gorgeous teacup with yellow rose!Hugs!

  2. You received some very nice gifts, Margie. Cute tea towel too! My first set of every day dishes would have matched that teacup with the yellow rose on it. Your teacup is much prettier but it reminds me of my dishes. I still have one teacup from that set and I use it to scoop flour. Do you plan to make a fairy garden? I always planned to make one but never did. Have a great week!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday!!! I'm so glad that you are now fully stocked with tea. So many delicious looking varieties to! :) Love the yellow tea cup to.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Margie. You received some very nice gifts, the yellow rose tea cup is pretty.

  5. How fun (not the snow part!!). You really got some great gifts! I had that rose cup....I think I gave it in the tea exchange to someone. That book shaped tea infuser... very cool! Looks like you had a spectacular belated birthday!

  6. It's so fun to keep on celebrating, Margie! You certainly did receive so many thoughtful tea related gifts. Did you enjoy the TJ's Candy Cane as well as the Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane? I'll bet the Blackberry Tea Leaf candles smell good. Enjoy all your wonderful gifts!

  7. Love all of your birthday gifts and cards. You certainly had a wonderful birthday. I am loving that beautiful tea cup and saucer and I bet those candles smell delightful. Girl, you might need to just keep celebrating. LOL! Hugs and blessings to you Margie. Cindy

  8. Man..You sure do get some sweet that travel mug and I bet you can’t wait to light those blueberry candles. The teaparty books for your inner child made my day ( ha Ha)... I'm smiling ... ENJOY your presents and THANKS for sharing the FUN ...Happy belated Brithday, Dear Lady ..Hugs

  9. Wonderful gifts - people know you well. I love those children's teaparty books! Belated Happy Birthday!

  10. Margie, another great tea haul! To help you through the winter!

  11. I love birthday gifts. Your post is so good. Its like you are sharing my views. I love tea so it will be best if someone gift me the some good tea specially Chamomile Tea Bags, I really love them.


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