Monday, December 9, 2019

2019 Tea-Themed Christmas Tree

Did you know that the first Saturday of December is National Christmas Tree Day in Canada?

My tea-themed Christmas went up a few weeks ago.

Left: My brother gave me this cute teapot with the striped handle and spout last Christmas.

Right: The Hallmark Keepsake Tea Time! Nutcracker set was a post-Christmas sales purchase (I'm currently stalking at Hallmark: the "Chimney Sweep" teapot and Mrs. Potts and Chip.)

The following photos feature the new additions to the tree this year.

A green matcha tea frappucino ornament from Michaels.

I hemmed and hawed over buying this Hallmark teacup ornament for regular price. But I hadn't seen it at other Hallmark stores and it was the last one left so it went home with me!

I normally don't invite skunks into my home, but this purple-coat wearing, teacup-holding little fellow made me smile.

Here's the sparkly teapot broach that I purchased at the RBG Tea Festival!

My mom gave me these elegant pink and gold tea ornaments from The Tea Room in Streetsville. The teacup is the size of a demitasse. Can you spot the gold forks and spoons?

Also from my mom: this adorable bunny in a pink teacup! (This will also be part of my Easter decor.)

This is my favourite new ornament: an embroidered teapot from HomeSense.

My tea-themed ornaments bring me joy during the festive season.

Do you have any tea-themed ornaments or Christmas decor?


  1. Oh, how fun, Margie! I do love all your tea themed ornaments. That is a good sized tree too so you must have a lot of them. I look forward to seeing your tree every year. I will add your post to the party because I know you will want me to. Thank you for sharing and have a fabulous week.

  2. What a pretty tea themed tree, Margie! I can see why it brings you such joy, and we all deserve a little joy in our lives!

  3. Beautiful tree and a nice theme. The elegant pink from your Mom is my favourite. So lovely. Thelma.

  4. What beautiful ornaments! The brooch and the embroidered one from Home Sense are my favourites. I had no idea that we had a "National Tree Day!

  5. Not a one surprisingly, but I do have knitting and quilting themed ornaments.

  6. Hi Matgie. I do love your tea themed Christmas tree. Perfect! You asked about attaching the demis, I have an artificial tree... for several reasoms including allergies... and just bend up the branch a bit to support the demi. It was nice to be able to visit. I so enjoy your blog, and your faithfulness to visit mine, even if I am unable to reply. Have a wonderful Christmas dear tea friend!

  7. Your tea themed is adorable, and the new tea brooch is a lovely addition

  8. Margie, it's nice to have an abiding interest that makes it easy for friends and relatives to know what to get for you!

  9. This is the sweetest tree, Margie. I love it! So nice to see all your little treasures out and about and the memories that come with each one.

  10. Oh, Margie your tea-themed tree is so cute!!!! I have 5 or 6 tea-themed ornaments - not enough a whole tree - I love yours! Totally made me smile!!!!


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