Monday, June 22, 2020

Martha's Vineyard by Clearview Tea

We made it to summer!

I welcomed the first official day of hot weather season with Martha's Vineyard by Clearview Tea.

Martha's Vineyard is a black tea blend of strawberries and peach--two of my favourite summer fruits!

This delicious fruity tea transported me back to 2009 when my friend and I took a road trip to New England...

....and visited Martha's Vineyard's Cottage Park!
Alas, our budgets wouldn't allow us to stay at one of these adorable but pricey cottages!

My dream home.
Can you imagine enjoying tea time on the front porch?


  1. What a wonderful trip you must have had! Your tea sounds lovely too. I cannot wait for strawberry season. Happy Summer, Margie!

  2. The tea sounds like it brings back good memories of your time on Martha's Vineyard. Do you serve it hot or iced?

  3. Your tea sounds like the perfect summertime blend, Margie. I've always wanted to go to New England, and yes, staying in one of those cottages would be heavenly!

  4. Beautiful house and gorgeous teacup!Enjoy your time!Hugs!

  5. A trip to England sounds wonderful! Love the pictures. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. I have porch envy whenever I see a gorgeous old home with a porch. Perfect summertime tac.

  7. That looks like a lovely cup of tea! Yes, I wholeheartedly agree...tea on that front porch would be amazing!
    I never knew that place very sweet!

  8. Tea, a lovely china cup and a porch! Sounds perfect combo.

  9. When I was growing up we visited Martha's Vineyard several times. My parents had friends with a cottage there. So beautiful!!


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