Monday, June 29, 2020

Cold brewed infusions and cards

The first half of 2020 is almost over!

Cold brewed herbal infusions enjoyed during National Iced Tea Month: 
1) Monarch Tea Co.'s delicious Love is Love herbal tea had a strong pina colada game.
2) Totalitea's Exotic Fruit Mate was a refreshing tropical drink.

My second pot of violets bloomed in June!

A crafty online friend sent me this beautiful handmade card. 
Look at that attention to detail!

Another friend sent me this Canuck-themed card. Inside it said:
"We're all in this together!"

Happy Canada Day to my True North friends!


  1. Happy Canada Day, Margie! Your violets are so sweet; love them! One of your fav colours too. Your cards are very cute! Let's hope the rest of 2020 goes better than the first half! Your father has great taste in music, by the way! ;-)

  2. Gorgeous cards and pretty violets!Happy Canada Day!Hugs!

  3. WOW! Those violets are beautiful Margie. Love them. What precious and cute cards. YES girl...we all in this together. Wish some would feel that way instead of being against one another! Hope the rest of your week is lovely dear lady. So glad you are finally getting to see you parents. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Im trying some cold brewed tea today that someone gave me, Margie. Your violets are so pretty and the perfect color for you 💜. That crafted card is one of the cutest ever! Yes, we’re all in this together. I hope you enjoyed Canada Day!

  5. Happy Canada Day Margie, love the cards you received.

  6. Your friend did you proud, Margie, the handmade card is fantastic.

  7. That yellow tea card is adorable! I used to have beautiful African violets but had to give them up as my kitty at the time loved to eat them. I'd come down in the morning and find chewed up leaves throughout the house!

  8. Your violets are gorgeous and the tea looks like it was delicious.


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