Monday, July 6, 2020

The last of my tea hauls (I hope!)

We're in the midst of a heat wave and my A/C is broken, but I'm still drinking hot tea!

Sipping delicious maple teas from handmade in Canada mugs on Canada Day:
1) Morning: Sipping Geek+Tea's Dark Side oolong from a teacup by Scott Barnim.
2) Afternoon: Sipping Dessert by Deb's Butter Toffee Cream black and rooibos tea from a mug by Greg Voisin. The raspberry matcha chocolate almonds were by a Toronto chocolatier.

June empties
Oldest sipdown (Sept 2018): Chinese black tea with the cream packaging.

Newest sipdowns (May 2020): Monarch Tea Co.'s Love is Love herbal tea and Stay Young, Go Dancing (a peach black tea).

I regret to report that I also ordered more teas in June. I wanted to support the small Canadian tea companies!

Blair Elements (free shipping): two black teas and one green tea

Blue Mountain Tea Co. (free shipping): Two of the teas were gifted to other people. I kept four teas for me (three black teas and one Pu-erh).

Tea Amo (free local delivery): After months of online stalking, I finally bought this cute 3-cup turquoise teacup and teabag holder. I also purchased one green tea and one Pu-erh.

Me on my June 15th post: I also received a Davids Tea gift card, but I'm going to try to wait a while to use it.

Eleven days later, this was delivered to my door: Jasmine Creme Brulee green tea is one of my favourite DT blends and I had been wanting to try the Sticky Rice Oolong and Organic Black Thai teas. This was my "last chance" to stock up on these discontinued teas. 

I added the "Fan Faves" and metal strainer to get the free shipping. The tin was a free gift with purchase of 100g of tea.

My last June order: one fruity herbal and two black teas from Tealise.

Once again, the number of new teas exceed the number of sipdowns. My poor wallet! There are several more tea companies on my wish list. But I'll try my best to use up some of my stash before buying new teas.


  1. You make me laugh, Margie, with your, “I regret to report”! I love to read your oldest sipdowns and newest ones. Your new turquoise teapot is darling, along with the teabag holder. I keep looking at your maple leaf crocheted coaster, which is so cute! Happy tea sipping!

  2. Hi Margie! The butter toffee cream black and rooibos tea sounds wonderful! You really weren't kidding when you said you are a teaholic! Believe me, there are worse things to be spending your money on. Besides, tea is good for you. The three cup teapot and tea holder are really cute and I love that it's in turquoise! A favourite colour of mine. We are having rain today but the farmers need it. As long as it doesn't rain for a week which is oftentimes the case here on the Island. Have a great week and enjoy your tea in that new teapot!

  3. Hi Margie! Enjoy your teas!Gorgeous turquoise chinas,love them!

  4. You make me smile with your tea stories. That turquoise teapot is gorgeous! Enjoy your tea!

  5. Türkiye'de çay demleme usulü ve çok severim.:)

  6. Loving that tea pot. Girl, I will drink a warm drink, coffee or tea no matter the temp. Oh, I hope your AC is fixed by now! We just replaced our unit after 26 1/2 years! Girl, spend your money on tea if you want too! YEP, we gotta pamper ourselves sometimes don't we? Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. Our David's tea isn't open yet, still online. I still drink my hot tea as well, seems to me an old wives tale is if you drink something hot it makes you sweat and feel cooler. I just enjoy it. Stay cool, even without ac

  8. Margie, you really are a true tea connoisseur ! I love seeing your empties and all the teas you will be trying out. Like Sandi says, tea is good for you. Enjoy, and try to stay cool. It is 95 here in Michigan (35 C, I looked it up!) with heat index of 99. So thankful I have AC. Hope yours gets fixed soon. xo

  9. Margie, we can't fault you for buying more teas when ALL you were trying to do is support the small Canadian tea companies! :D Love your new turquoise teapot!

  10. Better get using your David's tea card. Looking like it won't be with us much longer :(


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