Monday, July 27, 2020

Sweet tea in the summer

Last Friday, Taylor Swift surprised everyone by dropping her eight album, folkore, which she wrote and recorded remotely in quarantine. What a fantastic record! This cardigan-loving and storytelling nerd LOVED the dreamy music--I listened to the tracks for countless hours over the weekend.

folklore listening T party: My brown betty serving Geek+Tea's Comfy cardigan--an apple cinnamon rooibos that matched the record's strong autumn mood!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Our province has been slowly re-opening businesses this month, including tearooms, this month. But I don't feel comfortable dining (indoors or outdoors) any time soon. So I've been enjoying tea time at home.

July Zoom Tea #1: Geek+Tea's Honey Bee rooibos with mini Chips Ahoy!

July Zoom Tea #2:  Ahmad Tea's Mango Lychee green tea

Social Circle Tea with my parents: Lemon Blueberry Earl Grey Cake (by La Rocca) and Honey Bee rooibos. 

Screenshot of Taylor Swift - seven (Official Lyric Video) 
Did July bring any happy surprises for you?


  1. Zoom tea parties. What fun! Loved the pictures. We're staying close to home here too, not ready to go to restaurants either, inside or outside.

    You asked about July surprises: the flowers have been delighting us, every morning there is something lovely to ooh and aah over. And I got snail mail from two blogging friends this week, which was a real treat (I have a photo on today's post).

    Hope you have a great week. It's supposed to be sunny here most of the week. Looking forward to it.

  2. Adorable vignettes!I love all of your gorgeous china and yummy treats.Last Saturday,I finally met my parents and my sister after 4 months of quarantine...So precious.Hugs!

  3. I’m on vacation with my youngest son and his family in Utah. They’ve been here all month and invited me to join them for this last week. I’m glad you’re enjoying your teas and at least seeing your parents. Take care, Margie.

  4. WOW, now that's a cake and a pretty one at that. I am glad you get to see your parents. Your china is so very pretty Margie. Love how you display everything for us to see. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Your tea parties sound delightful! Love each of your settings. I have the same blue tea pot as in your first one.
    It's been cold and rainy most of our summer...including today. Cool fruit peppermint tea sounds good...but perhaps today I'll have it warm. :)

  6. We haven't been to any of the restaurants that have opened up either. We prefer to stay isolated and on our own.


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