Monday, May 16, 2022

First haul of garage sale season!

I went to this season's first church garage sale with low expectations...and ended up scoring a great haul!

How  cute is this Easter-themed decorative dish?

Love the vibrant colours of this knitted tea cozy. A tea friend said it looks like cotton candy!

I was thrilled to get my hands on this pretty pair of Lenox Butterfly Meadow Monarch mugs.

I also couldn't leave behind two orphaned teacups...

Orphan Teacup #1 was Fine Bone China England

I enjoy playing matchmaker to my cups and saucers and found the perfect saucer (Paragon's Spring Melody) in my collection for the teacup. Alas, in my excitement, I accidentally banged the teacup when I washed it, which resulted in a huge crack. Whoops! So maybe I'll repurpose it as garden decor.

Orphan Teacup #2 is by Royal Kent.

This teacup was matched with a Royal Albert Serena saucer from my collection.

The Easter dish, tea cozy, 2 mugs, and 2 teacups cost me a grand total of seven (7) dollars!


  1. Oh, Margie, what lovely treasures you have discovered. It's a grand start to the garage sale season.

  2. Wow! What great bargains you found, Margie. That’s always fun! The tea cosy does look like cotton candy and your Easter dish is so cute. The mugs are amazing and the orphaned teacups are beautiful. I like how you matched them. Too bad you banged the one, but at least it can be used in the garden. Maybe for bird food??

  3. I love the mismatched cups and saucers! And those mugs are lovely. Great finds!

  4. WOW, Margie! What a score! Whoo hoo!!!!

  5. How many treasures! Love your gorgeous findings.

  6. Nice haul indeed! Uggg on cracking the cup! But yes, garden decor is always an option! You did a great job matching the 'orphans' with a plate!

  7. Garage sales are treating you well for sure! Beautiful finds.

  8. What a wonderful haul! What could be more fun?!

  9. What lovely teacups ! I still haven't been to a garage sale for this summer, I'm looking :)


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