Monday, July 18, 2022

Church Garage Sale Haul #3

The final church garage sale didn't disappoint with the tea-related treasures. 

I couldn't resist getting three (3) teacups for only $2 each.


Teacup #1: The August teacup from the Royal Albert Flower of the Month series


Teacup #2: "K" from Paragon's Flower Festival series


Teacup #3:I loved the seafoam green colour. 
The backstamp looks new, but I can't read the pottery's name. Can you make it out?


Tea cozy #1: The blue embroidery is so pretty!


Tea cozy #2: Time for Tea!


This vase gave Murano glass (from Italy) vibes. But my online research says it's likely a vintage vase (circa 1970s?) from Japan...


This plastic tray is perfect for outdoor tea times.


I got this basket... display my teacups!


  1. Girl, you scored on those beautiful teacups! WOW! Oh I love me a basket, any shape or size. I use them for so much. Decor, gift giving and etc. That adorable tea tray will be perfect for outside tea gathering or even just for yourself. You done good there girl with your church sale stash. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. You find the best bargains, Margie! Those teacups for $2.00 are amazing. I would e bought them, too, especially the RA one. I can’t make out the name...something Baxter, maybe?? Your teacups look so pretty in your new basket.

  3. Margie what wonderful treasures you found! Amazing deals, I love the tea tray the most, I have a thing for trays. I have to let you know about a little bargain I found on market place on Facebook here in Green Bay I found 250 pcs. of Blue Willow that a gentleman was trying to sell, he was asking a bit more than I could afford so he came back and said how about $50.00 and he delivered them! There were only 2 pcs broke but I could live with that. Took me some time to wash and put them all in my china hutch but I'm as proud as can be!!!

  4. you sure do well at these sales, girl! i'm guessing you go early and you know a buy when you see one. these cups remind me of the type of cups my parents had half a century or so ago. beautiful!

  5. Love those teacups, Margie, especially the "K" one. And the basket is such a great way to display bits of your collection.

  6. WOW! Great treasures you found there, Margie! I think I'd have purchased most of that myself, too!!!! Well done.

  7. WOwwww! I am envyous! That R.A. teacup is in my bucket list, my Birthday month! Here it costs the equivalent of 45 dollars!!! Great findings, Lucky you!


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