Monday, August 22, 2022

Rescuing more teacups

When a member of my local "Buy Nothing" group offered 3 (three) vintage teacups, I was more than happy to rescue them!


Teacup #1: I love the ruby red roses with the teal accents.


This teacup was by Royal Vale (Pattern # 7978, circa 1962).



Teacup #2: I love the blue and yellow flowers and the dainty design inside the cup.


This teacup was also by Royal Vale (Pattern #8328, circa 1962).



Teacup #3 is my favourite: The pretty purple flowers and brown leaves have strong fall vibes.


This teacup is by Queen Anne (Pattern #8344, circa 1959+).

These teacups used to belong to the gifter's mom, but she had to downsize her collection when she moved into a nursing home. So the gifter was happy that they went to a good home!


  1. How sweet of your friend to give the pretty teacups to a good home. I like all of them, and the third one does have a Fall look to it. Enjoy your new gifts!

  2. Wonderful teacups!!! Great treasures! Hugs.

  3. Oh I love them Margie! Now I like that term you used: RESCUE! I am going to tell Marty the next time I see some dishes that I want that I am just helping to rescue them! LOL!!! I would have rescued them too Margie! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. I love the combo of blue, yellow, and brown. Very calming, a true autumn treat!


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