Monday, September 18, 2023

Autumn Teas: Salted Caramel, Toffee, and Maple

The autumn leaves are falling into place and I've been sipping salted caramel, toffee, and maple tea lattes!


 Salted Caramel / Maple Teas

Top: Dessert by Deb's Salted Maple Sugar Croquenbouche oolong (left) and Salted Caramel Pancakes black tea (right)

Bottom: DavidsTea's Salted Caramel Oolong (left) and Dessert by Deb's Roasted Hokkaido Roasted Caramel Milk Tea (right)


 Toffee Teas

Left: Dessert by Deb's Hojicha Sticky Toffee Pudding roasted green tea

Center: DavidsTea's English Toffee pu-erh

Right: Murchie's Maple Toffee black tea


 Maple Teas

Left: Monarch Tea Co.'s Maple Cream black tea

Right: Geek+Tea's Dark Side oolong


  1. Mmm. Good sounding teas for autumn days, although I read this morning that temperatures will heat up this week for you.

  2. Enjoy your teas. They look great. Have a lovely week ahead. Xoxo

  3. The teas sound delectable! Do you sip throughout the day, trying different ones from morning to evening, Margie?

  4. Salted caramel totally sounds like my cup of tea. ☕ No pun intended!

    Hugs and blessings, Margie

  5. oh salted caramel! one of my favorite ice cream flavors. it must be so luscious as a tea! do you add a bit of honey?

  6. Parecem ser sabores excelentes! Adorei estas sugestões para chás de Outono!


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