Monday, March 18, 2024

Green Teas for St. Patrick's Day

 I celebrated St. Patrick's Day by drinking green teas!

Green Tea #1: Green Tea Beauty Guaraná is a delicious fruity blend with a taste dragonfruit. 

Guaraná is a plant native to Brazil. The seeds are highly caffeinated, so this tea will boost your energy. A work friend purchased this tea when she went to Brazil to visit relatives. I was incredibly touched when she gave me the tea. She and her family ended up moving back to Brazil a few years ago. Every time I drink Beauty Guaraná, I think of her!

Green Tea #2: DavidsTea's Cherry Blossom Matcha latte

Green Tea #3: Dessert by Deb's Earl's Seville Orange Marmalade is a delicious cream Earl Grey green tea blend.

How did you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?


  1. Enjoy your teas! That beautiful
    green mug has caught my eye ! Best wishes.

  2. I like how you celebrated St. Paddy’s Day, Margie.
    I made Irish Stew and more Irish Soda Bread Muffins and drank Irish Breakfast tea in the morning. I went to Mass and breakfast with friends and I take my own tea and ask for hot water!
    Did I tell you that my son Tim and his wife now are drinking Matcha tea?
    Happy sipping, Margie! I’ll bet you have some good teas for Easter.

  3. We don't really celebrate St Patrick's Day at all, so it was an ordinary day. The green jade ware mug is a beauty - reminds me of my childhood.


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