Monday, May 17, 2021

Tea-themed colouring books

 Remember when adult colouring books were all the rage?

I got "Time for Tea" from the Dollar Tree many years ago. The paper is thin, but the book was great for getting started with adulting colouring!

"Vintage Charm" was a Michaels find from a few years back. The paper stock was better quality and had perforations so you can rip the pages out.

I received this "Tea Time" colouring book as a birthday gift this year.

Do you use adult colouring books?


  1. I did purchase a couple of adult colouring books but never really got into it. The older grandkids enjoy them, so they haven't been sent to the thrift store yet. Your tea-themed ones look pretty! Do you enjoy colouring in them?

  2. I have that same one from the Dollar Tree, Margie, and bought mine several years ago as well. I think I tucked one into the teacup exchanges that we used to have.

  3. Hi Margie,
    I don't have any tea colouring books but now I will look for some for myself at our Dollar Stores. Thank you for sharing yours. It's so very relaxing to colour. My daughter drew me stacked teacups and coloured them for my Mother's Day card. Thank you for visiting me. I so hope to post more often this summer. Take care, Karen

  4. I do use them, but haven't for awhile. I've started my own type of doodling/colouring and create zentangle patterns and colouring. I started from a course I took ages and ages ago when we could have in person sessions. Then during the first lockdown I did a youtube video each day as part of the routine and learned a different pattern each day. Now I just doodle away and create my own page to colour in.

  5. How cute! I used to love to color as a kid and I always had to outline everything in black so it would stand out. Some of my grands love to color and I have several that love to draw and are quite good at it. Love the tea coloring books Margie. Hugs and blessings, Cindy P.S. YES, you see crab roll sushi. I love it. Marty dislikes it a lot! Ha!

  6. tea + coloring books = a match made in heaven!

    i'm going to be on the lookout for one the next time I need a fresh book, friend ...


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