Monday, May 10, 2021

The case of the missing tea package

After 12+ months of online tea shopping, it finally happened: a package went missing!

The tracking said that the package was left at my front door, but it wasn't there (and I had also checked my neighbours' porches, just in case), so I reported the missing package to FedEx. It turned out that the package was delivered to the wrong residence! FedEx tried unsuccessfully to trace/retrieve the package, and eventually advised me to contact the Seller to either get a refund or replacement package.

When I informed Blighty's, a British shop in Orangeville, Ontario, what happened, they dispatched a replacement package immediately. Purolator delivered the package safely the following day!


These Yorkshire Teas specialty brews have been on my wish list for MONTHS so I was thrilled when I finally found a Canadian retailer that sold them online! 

Each box comes with 40 tea bags. I love the packaging's super cute design!


Decarf Bedtime Brew with Vanilla and Nutmeg: 

I thought this blend was just okay. I couldn't really taste the vanilla or nutmeg?


 Malty Biscuit Brew:

The biscuit scent was strong, but the malty flavour was more subtle. This tea was also good with milk.


 Toast & Jam:

This blend was my favourite among the three. It was a strong black tea with a delicious fruity flavour (strawberry jam?)!


  1. So glad you got your teas safely, finally. Oh the thrill of packages not being delivered to the right address! I have had that happen once and girl, I live in the country! LOL! Hugs and blessings dear Margie. Cindy

  2. I’m happy that your teas finally arrived. I have not heard of any of them, and thanks for your reviews. I drink a sleep tea every evening. The toast band jam one sounds yummy!

  3. Sorry the first package got lost and thankful that the company is so wonderful to give you a replacement so quickly! The teas sound splendid...especially the toast and jam one.

  4. I'm glad your teas finally arrived. It would have been quite terrible if you ran out of tea! Wait! That will NEVER happen at your place! Yorkshire Gold is one of my regular brews.

  5. Good that you got a replacement package, the toast and jam tea sounds good. I have been reading of a lot of packages left at the wrong address. So far, so good with my deliveries.

  6. Even without reading your reviews I thought the toast and jam sounded delicious.Will have to look into that tea.

  7. Toast & Jam ... yes, please!



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