Monday, August 9, 2021

Dollarama and Dollar Tree tea-themed hauls

One of the first things I did after I was fully vaccinated was hit my local dollar stores to buy things that I did not need!


I first saw this enamel coated mug ($3 CDN) at Dollarama back in 2017(!) I left it behind because I already had too many mugs at home. These garden-themed mugs return every spring, but I always resisted. Back in March 2020, I was hemming and hawing over finally getting one and then we all know what happened...
When I spotted the "Tea Tastes Better Outdoors" mug on the shelf last month, I couldn't grab it fast enough!


True story: after this outdoor photo shoot, I found a small bug inside the mug. Next time, I'll use the cup lid that a friend gave me.


Did I need new tea towels? No.


But these kitchen towels with teacups came home with me anyway! (I also have the purple version.)


Another great Dollarama find: This cute "Keep Calm and Drink Tea" accent rug for $4 CDN.


I was beyond thrilled when I found these adorable tea-related stickers at Dollar Tree.


I was also happy to see Dollar Tree carry the mini Tea Time calendars again. Is it 2022 yet?

What are your favourite finds at the dollar store?


  1. Loving your tea haul! Girl, I would have bought that mug too! So cute. So glad you felt you could venture out dear Margie. Even though I am fully vaccinated I am still being careful. I have just gotten into that habit now. Mercy! But, our county has made the papers with being HIGH in NO-Vaccines and Covid outbreaks. Lord help us us! Praying for you to have a great week and enjoy your tea haul! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. What great finds, Margie!! I need to go visit my Dollar Tree. I want one of those calendars for sure.
    Enjoy that cute mug and yes, keep a lid on between sips.

  3. Keep calm and drink tea.

    I love that! And have found that sometimes a good hot cup is exactly what was needed. Followed by a nap!


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