Monday, August 30, 2021

Summer Teas: Tropical Fruits Edition

August sipped away like a bottle of tea!

My Summer Teas series concludes with my favourite cold-brewed tea flavour: TROPICAL FRUITS!

Top (L-R): Kusmi Tea's Tropical White tea; Tea Amo's Tropical black tea

Bottom (L-R): AM Tea's Tropical Green tea; DavidsTea's Tropic Tango fruit infusion

I loved DavidsTea's creamy and delicious Tropicalia fruit infusion so much that I've stocked up on this pina colada blend multiple times over the summer!


 I've never met a cold-brewed coconut tea that I didn't like!

Left: Dessert by Deb's Lemongrass Milk Pudding Green Tea

Right: DavidsTea's Coco Colada fruit infusion (top); Coconut Oolong (bottom)

DavidsTea's other exotic tropical fruit blends also make excellent cold-brewed teas:

Left: Guava Cadabra fruit infusion

Right: Green Passionfruit green tea (top); Lychee Bellini black tea (bottom)

August tea empties

What I may repurchase:
1) DavidsTea's Lychee Bellini black tea
2) DavidsTea's Mango No. 5 rooibos
3) Dessert by Deb's Lychee Mango Mochi green tea
4) Geek+Tea's Casteal black tea


  1. I love how you enjoy your teas so much. Girl...we have a local nutrition store that has all kinds of drinks including some mighty good cold teas. A little pricy but they are huge! I am thinking today may be splurge day and I may need to grab one. Hope your week is good as are about to SIP into September. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Stocking up time on summer favourites as the fall flavours will soon be here, hubby can't wait for pumpkin spice, didn't get enough to last last year.

  3. They sound exotic and delicious!

  4. You've sure had a wonderful summer of tasting lots of delicious teas, Margie. I lead a boring tea life around here!

  5. Your teas look great!I like pineapple tea,not cold but hot.Do you like it? Best wishes!


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