Monday, August 2, 2021

Summer Teas: Citrus Fruits Edition

Kicking off a new month with some refreshing cold-brewed citrus tea blends!


 Ollia's Jasmine Citrus green tea


DavidsTea's Lime Gelato green tea


DavidsTea's Banana Grapefruit black tea was an odd combo, but the tea tasted delicious!


Dessert by Deb's Orange Creamsicle Mousse rooibos (left) and Orange Ginger Shortbread rooibos (right)


 July tea empties

What I've already repurchased:
1) DavidsTea's Maui Madness 
2) DavidsTea's Tropicalia

What I may repurchase:
1) DavidsTea's Banana Grapefruit 
2) Dessert by Deb's Blueberry Lavender Angel Food Cake
3) Dessert by Deb's Boba Milk Tea
4) Dessert by Deb's Orange Creamsicle Mousse
5) Dessert by Deb's Orange Ginger Shortbread
6) Dessert by Deb's Strawberry Swiss Jelly Roll
7) Dessert by Deb's Sweet Snickerdoodles
8) Monarch Tea Co.'s Warm Peach Pie


  1. Oooh such fun summer teas you’ve tried, Margie! Happy sipping through August!

  2. Girl, you are the queen of teas to me. I bet you have every contraption invented for tea making. Love it! Hope you have a great week. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Margie, your tea pantry is stocked with such interesting teas. I kinda lifted my eyebrows at the Banana Grapefruit combo, but you say it was delicious. So there we to try before deciding we won't like that one. haha

    Hope you have a great first week of August.
    Brenda xo

  4. Lots of fun summer teas in your stash. Creamsicle tea would be amazing.

  5. Hummm,they look great. After sunny and warm days in winter,"Mr. Jack Frost" has been here...I don't like cold days.Hugs and blessings.


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