Monday, February 21, 2022

Tea Lattes and Tea-infused Hot Chocolate

I've been having fun using my Breville Milk Cafe to make tea lattes and tea-infused hot chocolate.


Coconut Matcha Latte 


London Fog Latte

The black tea was grounded into a fine powder so it dissolved directly into the hot water.


Left: Earl Gray Matcha Hot Chocolate

Right: Double Bergamot Earl Grey Latte

Organic Banana Chocolate Latte (black tea)

Hot chocolate infused with Salted Caramel matcha.

Do you make tea lattes? 


  1. I’ve tried shaking milk in a jar and then putting it in the microwave for lattes. I think I may need to look into your method. However, I do have a little battery operated frothed that I should try again.
    Happy latte making, my adventurous tea friend!

  2. I'll make a London Fog, but without any fancy equipment. You are much more adventurous and daring in your tea recipes!

  3. Coconut Matcha Latte sounds wonderful!

    Happy Tuesday, Margie!

  4. A perfect winter treat! Love the pretty names.

  5. No,I don't...But they look great! Have a lovely week ahead.

  6. Hi Margie! No I have never tried tea lattes before - I am a black tea nothing added kind of tea drinker - but now you have certainly piqued my interest!!!! Looks yummy. I love all your tea info. Hugs.

  7. Your tea sound so good Margie. I brought several packages of tea with me to the mountains this week. Hot and cold teas. I might need to check into your cafe thingy. Happy Wednesday. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. my husband is heating up some hot chocolate even as we speak. extra whipped cream on mine, please.


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