Monday, May 22, 2023

2023 International Tea Day

On May 21st, I celebrated International Tea Day by drinking teas from around the world!

The theme of this year's International Tea Day is, “Sip, Share, and Celebrate: Uniting Through the Essence of Tea".

India - Assam Black Tea: Boba Milk Tea (Dessert by Deb)


China - Oolong: Ginseng Oolong (Genuine Tea)


 Japan - Matcha: Grand Cru Matcha Latte (DavidsTea)


Kenya - Purple Tea: Purple Chocolate (Justea)

Purple tea was first grown in Kenya in 2011 and is part of the Camellia Sinensis Assamica tea family. The tea leaves are actually purple and has more anti-oxidants than other tea leaves. Purple tea has less caffeine so it's perfect for the late afternoon or early evening! To learn more: click here

Justea's Purple Chocolate is a decadent blend of cacao and purple tea. I also love how each purchase of purple tea benefits the tea farmers in Western Kenya. 


  1. I wish I was more adventurous like you in my tea sipping, Margie. All your mugs are really pretty. Happy Belated International Tea Day! 🫖

  2. This sounds fun to try out so many different teas from around the world. I've never tried more than the common ones that most are familiar with. The purple tea sounds like something I would enjoy trying even just for the benefits of the extra antioxidants!

  3. Fiquei super curiosa em relação ao Chá Roxo! Deve ser excelente! Vou ver se encontro por estes lados!
    Pelo que vejo, celebrou este dia da melhor forma, Margie!
    Um beijinho grande! Votos de continuação de uma feliz semana!

  4. Purple chocolate tea. Wow. Now you're talking! Sounds fascinating, Margie.

  5. YUM! That purple tea sounds delightful for sure. Happy Memorial Day. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Purple tea sounds intriguing. Did the chocolate taste come through?

  7. How fun to try out so many different teas from around the world!
    Hugs and blessings, Margie ☕


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