Monday, May 8, 2023

Royal Teas for the Coronation

 Did you get up early last Saturday to watch King Charles' coronation?

 Of course, I had tea to celebrate this historic occasion. 


Saturday Morning Coronation Tea

Buckingham Palace's Strawberry and Vanilla Cake black tea was served in my Thames Riverside London teapot and sipped from my Paragon teacup.

A delicious banana chocolate chip scone accompanied my cup of tea.


Sunday Afternoon Coronation Tea

Monarch Tea Co's Tangerine Dream herbal tea in my Royal Albert teacup. My tea time treat was a berry and white chocolate scone.


My next royal tea will celebrate a new era:

💜💜💜 July 7, 2023 💜💜💜


  1. I knew you would celebrate the coronation in style! I watched bits and pieces on Saturday after the event. What is the crown shaped piece in your photos?

  2. I can't help but chuckle Margie. I did not get up early, LOL, but somehow, I knew you would celebrate! LOVE IT! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. You sure know how to celebrate, Margie! That strawberry and vanilla cake tea sounds soooo good!

  4. my sister slept over and we rose at 5 am to watch the big day ... we used our Grandma's tea china (she lived in Scotland) and a Scottish tea cozy to keep our teapot warm. it was truly lovely!

  5. Such a fun way to celebrate this historic occasion!

    Hugs and blessings, Margie

  6. Uma forma sublime de saborear estes dias inesquecíveis!
    Eu assisti à Coroação nesse sábado! Acordei bem cedo, até porque tinha um compromisso nessa manhã, mas que me possibilitou assistir a toda a Cerimónia, que adorei ver!
    No Domingo é que não consegui assistir ao Concerto! Mas fui acompanhando depois, num jornal britânico on-line!
    Adorei ver tudo a preceito e em grande estilo, por aqui, para assinalar acontecimento tão especial em ambos os dias!
    Um beijinho grande!


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