Monday, March 2, 2020

A Thrifty Tea Time

Hello to March and the longer days!

My tea empties from February.

I welcomed March with a cup of Waterdown Tea House's tasty strawberry honey black tea.

The mug and adorable crochet tea cozy were both thrift store finds. 
They were only $1.99 each!

"I don't actually collect
I just have things that make me happy." 
From: Whoopie Goldberg's The Unqualified Hostess


  1. Margie, I love these longer days too and I am happily looking forward to springtime. We have a lot of snow right now but it will soon be gone come April. Hopefully! Enjoy your new month of teas and Happy March!

  2. Love your crochet tea cozy and mug,so cute!Happy March!

  3. The cozy is cute. I should count how many cups of tea I drink per month,I know it's a lot. Especially the past week, almost feels like a cold so honey and tea make me feel better. Dear Hubby has been making me cups of tea a few times a day just because I told him it helps my throat and it does.

  4. I love red tea aroma on sunny days in the early spring. Happy new week to you.

  5. You got a deal on the tea cozy! My kind of deal. Girl...I am loving that quote! I might need to use this one with my husband when I bring home more dishes! LOL! Can't believe it's almost time for a time change!Happy March sweet lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. How cute is that tea cozy, Margie??!! You sure find some great deals, I must say. The strawberry honey black tea sounds yummy!

  7. Looking forward to the time change and the lighter evenings. I’ve been good at not buying any more tea, been using up all the odds and ends in the packets. But soon I’ll be ready to buy more :)

  8. I love the longer days, too, and seem to have more energy than in the dark of winter. Tea is a favourite drink at any time of year! You've used up a lot of your stash!


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