Monday, December 28, 2020

2020 Wrap-up

 We've made it to the end of this loooong and difficult year!

Thank you for your visits and comments throughout 2020! The pandemic would have been much harder without your friendships.

Drink What You Own Advent Calendar: Days 21-24

One of my 2020 tea goals was to support small Canadian tea businesses. Nearly all of my tea hauls this year were from my favourite local tea companies.

Spring: Tea at the White HouseGeek+Tea, Dessert by Deb, Monarch Tea Co.

Summer: Blair Elements, Blue Mountain Tea Co., Tea Amo, DavidsTea, Tealise

Fall: Monarch Tea Co., Tea Sante, Tea at the White House, Dessert by Deb, DavidsTea

Holidays: Celestial Seasonings, Plan de Vida, Geek+Tea

Other seasonal hauls (not featured): Clearview Tea Co., Tea Amo, T by Daniel, DavidsTea, Dessert by Deb 

My primary pandemic coping strategy was drinking lots of TEA!

Tea empties: January to June


Tea empties: July to November

May 2021 bring better days!

Please join me next week when I celebrate my 6-year-blogiversary. You don't want to miss out on my fun giveaway!


  1. It's been fun to get to know you in recent weeks, Margie. Your blog takes me back to my Dad's great fondness for a good cuppa.

    Happy New Year to come!

  2. so. much. tea.
    I'm just trolling a little through blogs this morning Margie, and just finished a good cup of Twinings. Not very adventuresome I know. Happy New Year!! and cheers!
    Wendy x

  3. Happy 2021!Health,peace,joy,love and teas to you!

  4. You’ve dipped your way through 2020, Margie!! I love the message on your teapot. We will hope and pray that 2021 is a better year for all of us.

  5. Girl, you have drank you some tea this year! Lord, this old Bapticostal girl has tempted to drink more than tea in 2020! LOL!!! Love all your tea hauls and more so that you could support local businesses. While you were being a blessing to them that tea haul was a blessing you! Happy New Year Margie. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. You have had a 'tea'riffic year as far as tea drinking goes. I got a monthly subscription to as a Christmas gift, so looking forward to the first delivery in January.

  7. You are the Tea Queen, Margie. What a year for drinking tea since you were mostly at home. Have a wonderful few days between the years.

  8. How wonderful to find a place of civility and hope in this crazy world, dear Margie. All the best for the coming year!

  9. Your tea and blog friends have kept you company through this past year. Like you, I am thankful for my blogger friends who visited. The blogging community has helped us through a tough year. When we couldn't have company, they were company! Wishing you a fabulous New Year and many sips of your favourite teas, Margie. Hugs...Sandi

  10. The blogging community is amazing isn't it. I do love your tea collection, did you have a favourite?


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